racedots purple/purple/orange 4pkt

New racedots purple/purple/orange 4pkt

Magnetic Race Number Positioning System (4 pieces per pack)

RaceDots® are the  simple, colorful and non-destructive alternative to safety pins. Each RaceDot is a patented assembly of two very strong magnets that lock together to hold your race number in place, but they never hurt your clothing. 

Sleek and Powerful

RaceDots are made from extremely strong rare-earth magnets in a thin metal shell. The patented design allows the two magnetic pieces to nest inside one another making for an extremely strong, hard-to-break bond. GORE-TEX®, thermal jackets, rainwear? No holes, no problem! RaceDots™ are N35 neodymium rare-earth magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets (they retain their strength for over 50 years). Each RaceDots™ requires 5.5 lbs. pull force to separate the magnets.


RaceDots hold fast through clothing, so you’ll never pierce or tear your favorite technical tee or cycling jersey again. Plus, the RaceDots shell is nickel-plated copper, so they will never rust and leave ugly stains no matter how much you sweat.

Safe and Easy to Use

Putting RaceDots on is a snap—no more pricked fingers! Plus, you can slide RaceDots around or hold one in place and move your number underneath it for perfect placement. Try that with a safety pin!

The full assembly (top and bottom) height is 7.7mm with a 12.7mm diameter. Each RaceDots™ weighs 5 grams.

How to use RaceDots Video:

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Starter Guide


RaceDots are a brand new way to attach a race number without damaging your clothing. Since you're probably trying RaceDots for the first time, we wanted to pass along some helpful information that will make using them a bit easier. You may not be used to handling such strong magnets, and there is a learning curve. But don't worry -- with a little bit of patience and practice, you'll be an expert in no time!


Inspect and review:

Visually inspect your RaceDots for damage before you open the packaging and make sure you have the color you really want. We cannot issue exchanges or refunds of RaceDots after the packaging has been opened. Please also read the warnings on the package. There is very important safety and handling information contained there. Never, EVER swallow RaceDots! They can get lodged in your pipes and wreak havoc! Seriously, don't even think about it. People's lives have been destroyed from swallowing magnets. Please don't.


Reuse the packaging: 

You can create a very handy reusable storage case for your RaceDots by cutting the plastic packaging on only two sides. Be sure to keep the paper card, as well, as it makes handling your RaceDots much easier. RaceDots are infinitely easier to get apart when they are kept separated with something in between the front and back, as opposed to being kept stuck together in a big stack.


Handle with care:

While RaceDots are extremely strong, they are not indestructible! We know it's tempting, the first time you feel how strong RaceDots are, to pull the magnets apart and snap them together. Please resist this temptation! RaceDots pieces are not intended to be used without material in between them, as the action of snapping together may cause the back piece to break. We will not replace RaceDots that are damaged due to being dropped or having snapped together. 


Go slow and stay low:

You may feel a little clumsy using such strong magnets at first. They will get away from you and stick to things you don't expect. So just take your time. We highly recommend removing RaceDots from the paper card one at a time to reduce the chances that the pieces will get stuck to something you don't want or to each other. If it's your first time using RaceDots, do so sitting and/or on a soft surface to reduce the chances that they will break or get lost if you drop one. 


Stay positive:

The magnetic force of the RaceDots pieces is directional, meaning the back piece will only mate with the front piece one way. So when you apply your RaceDots, either pay close attention when you separate the pieces which direction the back piece should be facing or be ready to allow the back piece to flip over if it is not facing the right way.


Get flat:

RaceDots are very easy to apply to the front of a shirt that you're wearing, but, for a cycling jersey where the race number goes on the back, it's a bit trickier. If you apply your race number before you put the jersey on, be sure to keep the jersey flat so the RaceDots do not stick to each other. 

Use the holes:

If your race number comes with holes punched in the four corners, use them! Placing your RaceDots on the holes of a race number will really lock everything in place.


Remove your RaceDots:

We recommend removing your RaceDots from your garment before you take the garment off. It reduces the chances that the RaceDots will stick to each other and be harder to get apart. Do not stack your RaceDots, store them separated.


Magnet Polarity:

The magnet force of the RaceDots pieces is directional, the back piece will only mate with the front piece one way.  Be ready to allow the back piece to flip over if it is not facing the right way.  May the force be with you.


Lost RaceDots:

RaceDots can be knocked off if not used properly. If they are "lost" for any reason, it is not because they stopped being strong (they are permanent magnets). Do not use in Obstacle races.  Be mindful of any metal, Racedots will stick to most metal objects as well as other friends wearing RaceDots #permahug.


Safety Information:

Keep out of reach of children! RaceDots pose a choking hazard.  Never EVER swallow RaceDots! If you have any medical device that may be affected by magnets, consult a doctor prior to using RaceDots.  While RaceDots have not had any effect on timing chips, heart rate monitors or ANt/RFID devices intesting (RaceDots tested with the top 8 timing companies in the USA), Racedots are not guaranteed to work with every product or timing system. Keep RaceDots separated from any electronics or storage media (e.g. mobile phones, computers, hard drives, credit cards, security badges, keys) that may be affected by magnets.  RaceDots contain nickel and rare-earth elements.


100% Guarantee


We want you to love your purchase, if you don't, simply return it unworn, with the tag attached for a refund (less courier) or an easy exchange.


Please do not return clearance items, these will not be refunded or exchanged, no exceptions. 
If you are unsure about sizing or fit please send us an email PRIOR to purchasing and we can assist you.  Please check the size charts before purchasing. We will refund faulty items only.



Please post back your garment and include the returns slip at the bottom of the invoice and let us know if you would like a refund or an exchange. There is no additional freight charge to pay if you choose to exchange an item.


Our returns address:


The Running Skirt Shop

59 Colenso Street


Christchurch 8081

We will refund or send out the new item on receipt of your return. We want our customers to love our running clothing range, if you are unhappy for any reason please let us know, we really would like the opportunity to make shopping with us a positive experience.


The same guarantee applies but for exchanges an additional NZ$9.95 shipping fee applies. This needs to be paid before we dispatch your new garment.  We are happy to refund unworn returns (less postage). 


Clearance Sales



New Zealand Delivery


The running skirt shop uses CourierPost to delivery parcels within New Zealand (including PO Boxes). Delivery time is within 1-2 working days. 


We have a flat rate of $5.50 for standard courier to main centres. If you live at a rural address the courier flat rate is $9.95.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to their large size + their included accessories WAA Ultrabags are a flat rate of $12.00 for courier deliveries in New Zealand main centres and $15.20 for rural delivery. If you live in Christchurch you are welcome to collect your pack from us in Sumner. Please call us on 0221 698105.

We will send you a tracking number with your dispatch confirmation message so you can follow the progress of your delivery. Your can track your parcel here


Postage to Australia

We provide two shipping options to Australia;


NZ Post service has a flat postage fee of NZ$9.95 and takes 3-10 working days for delivery.  Due to their large size + their included accessories WAA Ultrabags are a flat rate of NZ$27.00

NZ Post International Courier service provides a track and trace option for a flat rate of NZ$39.00 and takes 2-6  working days for delivery.  Due to their large size + their included accessories WAA Ultrabags are a flat rate of NZ$44.00

Any duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.


Postage to Pacific Islands

NZ Post service has a flat postage fee of NZ$9.95 and takes 5-15 working days for delivery.  Due to their large size + their included accessories WAA Ultrabags are a flat rate of NZ$41.00

Any duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.


Postage to other countries around the world

NZ Post service has a flat postage fee of NZ$16.00 and takes 5-15 working days for delivery.  Due to their large size + their included accessories WAA Ultrabags are a flat rate of NZ$57.00

If there is not a shipping option for your country at the checkout please contact us for details. 

Any duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.



The fine print for all deliveries

Please ensure you have supplied us with the correct delivery address as we will not be responsible for delivery to an incorrect address. In such instances where an incorrect delivery address has been supplied, the customer shall be responsible for the cost to resend the item.

If you advise that you would like your courier parcel left outside if you are not at home, should your parcel go missing The Running Skirt Shop and CourierPost are not liable.

All orders are normally shipped within 24 hours, as such we cannot usually stop a delivery after this time.

Love it or Return it

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