Side Stitch Prevention & Cure

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Side stitch is common when you first start out running because your abdomen is not used to the jostling that running causes. Most runners find that the stitch goes away as fitness increases. Sometimes though a stitch may niggle you all the same.  Here’s how to prevent it and one sure fire way to get rid of it in seconds – and it works!
Avoid fat and fibre foods 2 hours pre-run. These foods take longer for your body to process and can cause upset stomachs and the stitch. Test out different pre-run foods and eat lightly to give your body time to digest.
Do a warm up before you run.  Going from sitting to running creates irregular and rapid breathing patterns which can lead to the stitch.  Start with a brisk 2-3 minute walk, then ease into a gentle run followed by your training pace.
Match your breathing to your strides. Inhale for 2-4 strides and exhale for 2-4 strides. If your pace is fast try 1 or 2 strides per breath, or at a slower pace 3 or 4 strides per breath.  Run with efficient breathing patterns that are in sync with your body. This improves the efficiency of your oxygen transport.
Make a Stitch Disappear in Seconds
Slow down and exhale to release the stitch. Slow your pace and exhale as the foot on the opposite side of the stitch strikes the ground. This doesn't mean every time that foot hits the ground, but as you exhale, do so in sync with that opposite side. For example, your stitch is in your right side. You slow your pace, and exhale as your left foot is hitting the ground. Voila! This seriously works in seconds and you don’t have to stop running.

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