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Sometimes, the simplest things can be holding your running training back, like how you eat, sleep and think. Many runners are surprised to learn that what they do outside of their training makes a big difference in how fast they run.
Use these 6 ways to improve your running speed-
1. Be Efficient

Skipped workouts lead to inconsistency, which can impede your progress. Set yourself up for success by having everything ready to go for your workout. Each night, assemble a workout bag with your running gear, water bottle and recovery snack. In the morning, grab it and go. Schedule ahead for your training but be flexible and swap training days around if need be.
2. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Make the most of every training session by working out with a purpose. Before you start on a training plan, set a meaningful goal that you find motivating and challenging. Then, consult with an online program, a reputable book or a running coach to design a plan that maximises your time and minimises junk kilometres. That means your training plan should focus on quality, rather than quantity. High-quality training is that which is specific to your goal and your ability. Running extra k's beyond what is necessary may break you down and wear you out. Find out what it truly takes to reach your goal—then aim to do just that, not one step more.
3. Vary Your Training

Vary your training distances, pace and terrain to become a stronger, faster runner. Include drills, hill training, speedwork, long distance and easy runs as part of your training. Your body will adapt to the new challenges and your motivation will stay fresh from the variety.
4. Eat Right

Learn how to fuel yourself before, during and post run. Through proper nutrition, you'll grow stronger and improve performance day to day. Starting a workout low on fuel will lead to underperformance. Proper nutrition makes you energized during your run and helps you to recover after it. Start with a carbohydrate rich pre-run snack. During workouts, hydrate well and include carbs for runs lasting longer than 90 minutes. After a workout, rehydrate and consume a snack within 30 minutes.
5. Affirm Yourself

Positive self-talk is an integral part of confidence and success. To get to the next level in your running, you need to believe in yourself. Before a challenging run/race, create a powerful affirmation that you can focus on when you find yourself questioning or doubting yourself. "I am doing this" or "I am a strong hill runner" are phrases you can repeat to yourself throughout your training to build confidence.  Keep your affirmation phrases in the ‘present moment’, rather than ‘I will’ run this hill; use ‘I am’ running this hill.
6. Rest

Instead of training more, rest more! Resting as hard as you train is important for progress. Rest allows you to recover stronger from the breakdown that occurs when running. Follow hard days with easier days. After long runs get a good nights sleep or take a short nap to kick off the recovery process. Include a sports massage in your recovery plan, this isn't a treat it is taking care of yourself.

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