Self Massage with a Spikey Ball

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I can’t rave enough about self massaging with a Spikey Ball. 

I’ve been using my ball for over 5 years regularly between seeing my massage therapist. These little gems really should be called magic balls, they are super easy to use, small and portable to take anywhere, and they really DO WORK.

What does it do?

The Spikey ball massages into all the nooks and crannies and you can target trigger points on your body (the sweet spots that give you that pleasure and pain sensation we weirdly enjoy).

They work much better than a tennis ball as the spikes distribute pressure evenly and the balls are firmer.

Spikey Balls are used for self massaging and treating back pain, improving blood circulation , stimulating muscles and easing tension. Having healthy muscle tissue helps with joint mobility and posture.

How does it work?

When we move our muscles relax and contract, if we overuse a muscle we cause little micro tears in the muscle fibres. When this happens we get inflammation between the muscle fibres causing a thickening and tightening in the area.  As the micro tear heals, it causes more thickening and tightening.  Now we have the familiar sensation of taut bands and nodules (what we often refer to as knots), these are called trigger points.

Applying pressure to the muscle or trigger points with your spikey ball can stretch out the muscle, squish out the inflammation, increase blood flow to the area providing the muscle with more oxygen and nutrients, and desensitize the painful spot.

What size ball do I need?

The balls come in 2 sizes large 10 cm  and a smaller 7.5cm ball.

The large ball is for working bigger muscle groups like your glutes and back muscles and can be used as a good general all over massage.

The smaller balls are designed to provide more focused massage to specific areas or for smaller muscles groups like your neck, hands, arms, lower leg and feet.

Tips to using your ball

Roll slowly.  Fascia is slow to move so you need to move slowly over the ball. Slow movement allows your muscle and tissue the chance to really feel the effects of the massage ball.

Breathe.  Breathing helps your muscles to relax and loosen up so the ball can gently do it’s work effectively. If you hold in your breath during your spikey ball massage, you tend to tense up and working a tense muscle may cause damage to the muscle and surrounding tissue that you are trying to loosen up. The aim is not to be bruising yourself!

Focus on your tender spots.  You’re being your own personal masseur so when you discover an area that is tight or sore focus on rolling in this area for around a minute to loosen it up.

When not to use a Spikey Ball

A massage shouldn’t be painful, yes you’ll feel tenderness and that’s ok but it shouldn’t be greatly painful. If you are gritting your teeth, or find you’re rolling faster to try to speed up the massage for it to simply end, then ease off and work more lightly.

Don’t work over open wounds, on bruises, or if you’ve had recent broken bones or if the area is swollen.
If you have any varicose veins do not roll over or below the those areas. If you have an existing medical condition you may wish to speak to your medical professional before self massaging with a spikey ball.

Where do I get my hands on a spikey ball?

The Runningskirt Shop and Hush Massage stock quality durable professional spikey balls that physios and massage therapists retail. We have 10cm and 7.5cm ball sizes in a range of colours.

The fun part what exercises should I do?

Download the Hush Spikey Ball Exercise PDF, it’s free and a great starter guide for using your Spikey Ball.


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