3 Strategies for Mentally Coping with a Running Injury

Posted by Valerie 02/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Articles,
It can be frustrating if injury stops you running, here are some 3 coping strategies that you can use to lift your spirits and keep you on a positive path:

1) Stay active. 
Talk to your physio or doctor about what other forms of cross training you maybe able to do. You maybe able to swim, aqua jog, cycle, do some gym workouts, or use it as a time to work on improving your core strength.

If you try something new remember to start out slowly, don’t push yourself too hard, you’ll be using new muscles so you don’t want to add a new injury into the mix. Keep it low impact.

If you can keep your body moving or working in some form it will keep your spirits uplifted.

2) Stay in touch.
Don’t remove yourself from your running circle.  Meet up with your running partners, go along to events, as a supporter, volunteer or take photos to share with those running.

Keeping yourself involved helps prevent you feeling excluded and keeps your motivation up for when you have recovered.

3) Use the time wisely
Set a goal for the future and use this time to put together a game plan. 

Plan how you will train, study the course, do a gear check and shop around to see what’s available in the market, work out your pace plan and nutrition for race day, where will you stay, how do you get to the course…

Have a project so that when you are recovered your homework has been done, you have a clear goal  and you know how you'll achieve it.



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