athletic skorts (with shorts)

athletic skorts (with shorts)

RunningSkirts® athletic skirts or running skorts are a lightweight breathable performance skirt with an attached new longer no-ride up compression shorts. The inseam of the compression shorts are designed longer than most other skorts (starts at 12.7cm in length and increases with size), providing even more protection to prevent chafing. 

The athletic skirt is cut a to fit slightly roomier than the running skirt and triathlon style and it's about 2.5cm longer. Check the waist measurements for each style.

The ultraswift athletic skirts / skorts are made from performance featherlight eyelet mesh fabric, and have an additional rear pocket for competitive runners. Ultraswift fabric has a little less give than sports skirts in printed fabrics.

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desert camp athletic skirt New $40.00 OFF

desert camp athletic skirt

"Desert Camp" digital camo print in new summer desert colors has pink running girls accent on khaki ..

NZ $109.00 NZ $69.00

bohemian athletic skirt New $40.00 OFF

bohemian athletic skirt

The Bohemian is the perfect sports skirt for you  if you love a splash of adventure in your lif..

NZ $109.00 NZ $69.00

pink plaid athletic skirt $40.00 OFF

pink plaid athletic skirt

The runningskirts® pink plaid running skirt / skort is a versatile black, pink, silver/gre..

NZ $109.00 NZ $69.00

watermelon hearts athletic skirt $40.00 OFF

watermelon hearts athletic skirt

You'll love the RunningSkirts® gorgeous new watermelon hearts skort featuring a watermelon skirt wit..

NZ $109.00 NZ $69.00

urban night athletic skirt $40.00 OFF

urban night athletic skirt

Urban Night - RunningSkirts® "urban" version of plaid...features a road print in white, black & ..

NZ $109.00 NZ $69.00

kona athletic skirt $40.00 OFF

kona athletic skirt

Say Aloha to our new Kona print athletic skirt! A beautiful multi-color tropical Hawaiian print feat..

NZ $109.00 NZ $69.00

chevrun athletic skirt New $40.00 OFF

chevrun athletic skirt

RunningSkirts® Chevrun is a classic design chevron black and white sports skirt with black comp..

NZ $109.00 NZ $69.00

black athletic skirt $40.00 OFF

black athletic skirt

Every girl needs a little black skirt! This skirt will match everything in your sports wardrobe. &nb..

NZ $109.00 NZ $69.00