hats and gloves

hats and gloves

Sauce Headwear products are made in the US and have been vigorously field tested in ALL weather conditions.  These are tough performance products.  Don’t let the cute patterns and flowers fool you!!  Sauce running hats are made from high quality performance fabrics, are machine washable, and have a 3M reflective logo for nighttime visibility.  They are comfortable and have a barely-there feel.  The Sauce sports hat range are versatile and functional, making them perfect for outdoor activities and competitive sports as well as for casual wear. Sauce hats are made from stretchy fabrics and are intended to result in a 'snug' stay-put fit.

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black saucy visor

The Saucy Visor is a versatile and stylin’ piece, designed for all seasons. The scarf like upper can..

NZ $45.95

black swift toque pink flower

Designed for aerobic winter activities, but used in just about any setting, the Swift Toque is our m..

NZ $40.90

swirling snow swift white tassel

SPECIAL SAUCE WINNER: Limited Edition Toque created by a Sauce fan.Designed for aerobic winter a..

NZ $40.90

vanilla ice bow beretto

A sports cap with a feminine touch. The adjustable BOW BERETTO is just right for all of your ho..

NZ $46.95

running gloves

Run love black thermal gloves will keep your fingers warm on those chilly morning runs. One..

NZ $9.99