About Us

Why the Runningskirt Shop was born

I was really quite chuffed with myself for finishing the Bedrock 50km race in Christchurch. 6 weeks before the event I could just manage a 10k run at a push, so running 50k was a huge stretch. Race day came and it was a painful slow day but I DID IT!  I had done what I had thought impossible and I felt amazing- and utterly buggered.

Then I awaited with great excitement for the race pic's to be published, here was my moment of glory...  OMG it was horrifying. Picture this: a backward shot climbing up a massive hill and glaring down at the camera lens was my shorts giving me the biggest wedgie imaginable! I pity anyone that was running behind me that day.

No I did not purchase the photo and from that moment forward I swore I would never wear shorts again.  I might feel absolutely shattered when I run but hell girl I can look good, albeit a little sweaty and red faced.

I went on a mission to replace those nasty shorts and  I discovered running skirts.  They not only look fabulous and flattering they are also very practical. The Runningskirt Shop was born.

Here's my personal 10 reasons why I am a skirt addict:

1.  Skirts move with your body naturally

2.  Shorts can bunch up- front and back, impossible in a skirt

3.  Skirts hide your wobbly bits better than shorts

4.  Flat seams and reverse hems prevent chafing.

5. A little bit more wind in the nether regions - keeping you refreshed

6. Practical pockets for gels, keys and iPods

7.  Super lightweight, quick drying, sweat-wicking fabrics

8. They are versatile, wear them for running and as casual wear

9. Designed to flatter your figure- they make your bottom and thighs look slimmer than shorts or tights

10. You look and feel fabulous!

If you haven't worn a skirt before, trust me once you have, you'll become a skirt addict as well.

Happy running!