About Us

Hi my name is Valerie Henderson. I was really quite chuffed with myself for finishing the Bedrock 50 race in Christchurch, I had never run that far and wasn't sure if I could, but I did, I was over the moon, I had done what I had thought impossible. Then I awaited with great excitement for the race pic's and when I saw them, the dream of opening a running skirt shop was born. I never bought the photo, I had the biggest wedgie imaginable, we'll leave it at that. I have never worn a pair of shorts since!! I then discovered running skirts and from that day forward I became a skirt addict. Never would I wear a wedgie again, but it wasn't just that here's more reasons why I love skirts and why you will too:

• Skirts move with your body naturally

• Shorts can bunch up- front and back, impossible in a skirt

• Skirts hide your wobbly bits better than shorts

• Flat seams and reverse hems prevent chafing...

• A little bit more wind in the nether regions - keeps you refreshed

• Practical pockets for gels, keys and iPods

• Super lightweight, quick drying, sweat-wicking fabrics

• Wear them for running and as casual wear

• Designed to flatter your figure

• You look and feel fabulous

I hope you'll love running skirts too. We are starting from humble beginnings and as we grow we will extend the styles, colours and prints available.
We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Happy running!